Contributing Artisans

The past 14 years has been an experience of a lifetime.  The opportunity to know and work with some of the best Miniaturists in the world will forever be remembered.  I would like to take a moment and give credit to my artisan friends.


Carl R Sahlberg  --  Creative Reproductions 2 Scale  --
Barbara Sabia  --  Barbara Sabia Miniatures
Frank Crescente --  Crescente Miniature Designs
Ron Stetkewicz  --  Ron Stetkewicz Miniatures  --
Linda Orleff  --  Lighting Bug ltd  --
Terry Harville  --  Terry Harville Miniatures
Michael Yurkovic  --  Atomic Miniatures  --
Steve Goode  --  S H Goode & Sons Workshop  --
Jack & Marybeth Kosinski  --  Laser Creations of South Bend  --
Tim Kraft  --  Luminations by Mr. K  --
Charles Harville  -- 
Ferd Sobel  -- Ferd Sobel Editions  -- 
Jane Graber  --  Jane Graber Miniatures  --
Carol Coleman  --  Carol Coleman Miniatures
Phyllis Hawkes  --  Phyllis Hawkes Studio  --


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