The Harville Library

     This is Jimmy’s current work that will be introduced at the Tom Bishop International show in April of 2020.   Jimmy likes naming his pieces after people that have helped him in creating the piece.  He has named this project “The Harville” after Terry Harville.   Terry is a master at cutting with his laser cutter.   Barbara Sabia made all of the stained glass and leaded glass pieces and has become a very close friend having worked with Jimmy on most of his pieces.  This piece was featured at the Midwest Miniature Show on August 2nd and 3rd in Fairborn, Ohio
     The large hanging chandelier visible in the first picture was made by Linda Orleff of Lightning Bug Ltd. The lighting and electrical wiring was completed by Carl Sahlberg of Creative Reproductions 2 Scale.
     The Harville which contains 4000 books will be featured at the Tom Bishop Show April 16-19th, 2020.  Again, thanks to my artist friends for their contributions: 
          Carl Sahlberg
          Barbara Sabia
          Ron Stetkewicz
          Linda Orleff.


2 story library room box


Library Cabinet


2nd floor of room box


Stained Glass Skylights

You Tube Video
of Library



1st floor of room box


Close-up of Skylight

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