The Alberta House

This display is made of Gator Board and can be either displayed on a table top or as a wall hanging.  It is fully electrified and even has one of CR2S’s ceiling fans in the open porch.  The shingles were custom cut on a laser cutter to mimic an engineered look.  Another nice feature is the custom cut railing that is almost identical to the actual iron one.  Both items were cut on a laser cutter by the very talented Terry Harville.  Jimmy continues to use the talents of Barbara Sabia in making the leaded glass on the front door

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The Jacobs

This is a recreation of the Jacobs’ dinning room.  Jimmy built the room and detailed it from numerous photos and precise measurements.  The interior walls will be hand painted by Carol Coleman and designed by Alice Zinn  to match murals in the actual room.  Frank Crescente replicated the chandeliers and wall sconces.  Rohit Khanna from India replicated all of the furniture.  The project should be completed later this year.

Jacobs 1
Jacobs 2

Outside wall of this dinning room reproduction in 1 inch scale room box

Jacobs 9

Hardware custom reproduced by Ron Stetkewicz

Jacobs 8
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