River Valley Hardware

1908 era retail store

back storage room main store floor store counter

    “During the Era of 1909, it was common for a rural retail store to have a residence on the second floor.  It was also common not to have indoor plumbing.  Electricity was relatively new to rural America, thus wiring existing structures presented many challenges.  If you look closely at the ceilings of the River Valley Hardware, you will see what was called Nob and Tube exposed wiring.  The structure was wired by Carl Sahlberg and includes three of his miniature fans.  Another feature of the times was unpainted clapboard siding and ribbed tin roofs.  There were few automobiles in the communities, but gasoline could be found at the local hardware store which preempted gas stations. 

     I have never accessorized my work in the past, but decided to make an exception with the River Valley Hardware.  I reached out to the best Master Miniature Artists in the country.  Many of the accessories are a one of a kind and signed by the Artist.  Thanks to:  Nancy Summers; Terry Harville; Charlie and Susan Harville; Wright Guide; Jane Grabber; Patrick Kinney, Phyllis Hawkes, Lighting Bug and Carl Sahlberg.  Click on any of their names to learn more about each of them”  (quoted from Jimmy Landers)

     This extremely unusual museum quality display will be available for everyone to see at the Tom Bishop International Miniature Show in Chicago, April 19, 20, & 21,2013.  The River Valley Hardware is one of those miniatures that has to be seen to really appreciate the unbelievable quality of both the building itself, and all of the accessories.  The following pictures can not do it justice:  You simply have to see it!

     This structure is totally “stick-built” and even the wood was custom milled to replicate the type of lumber available in its time.  It is as Period Accurate as it possible can be. The custom fixtures, furniture, and accessories have been valued at over $ 15,000.00.  Many are signed, one of a kind pieces.  Some are numbered editions but none are from China.  Most everything is MADE IN THE USA!

store on base
Apartment Kitchen
nob and tube

Check out the video and all the rest of the pictures below.


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