Available for sale at Tom Bishop Chicago International Show
April 16th through 19th, 2015

Jimmy Landers is holding his first Painted Lady.  Unfortunately it will not be available for sale at the Chicago International Show in April.  As soon as he finished it, his wife Sue, claimed it for herself.  I was lucky to even get a picture of it.  Oh well, you have five other styles to choose from as shown below.  Keep in mind that these are all a one of a kind and Jimmy has no intention of ever making any other Ladies.  Each Painted Lady is signed and dated and a certificate of authenticity accompanies each house.

Each house is electrically wired with LEDs, has an on/off switch, and is powered by an eight AA cell battery pack.  Each house can easily be mounted on a wall or set on a coffee table for display.


Yellow and White
25” tall x 15” wide x 11” deep

P1030617ssp P1030618ssp

Electrical Work by Carl Sahlberg of
Creative Reproductions 2 Scale

   All lighting is with LEDs and powered with a 12 volt (8 AA batteries) battery pack.


Blue and White
27” tall x 15” wide x 11” deep

P1030619ssp P1030621ssp P1030622ssp

Red and Beigh
25” tall x 13” wide x 11” deep

P1030625ssp P1030626ssp P1030628ssp

Green and Beigh
24” tall x 12” wide x 11” deep

P1030630ssp P1030631ssp P1030632ssp

Burgany and Grey
25” tall x 12” wide x 11” deep

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