THE PALACE --- 1905

Project started January 7th, 2013

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Not much to report at this time but what a difference two weeks make.  The front is almost done and I could not have imagined that it would look the way it does from the first picture.  I’ll be back this week to work on some of the electrical. (1/22/13)


And one month later (2/17/13), The entire front is almost complete.  A couple of signs and the front should be complete.  Now we need to get the electrical done and the finishing of the interior and it is ready for Tom Bishop.  See you there!


The signs have come in and the entire front changes immensely.  2/16/13  The Palace is set up as an ice cream parlor.  The corner store is signed as a Jewelry store and the right corner a Tobacco Shop.  But if you have a better idea for the two corner stores, Jimmy can engrave a sign for whatever type shop you want.  In fact, he has several other signs already cut and ready to hang.

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