The Brandywine

A Colonial Luxury Doll House

Colonial 1ssp Colonial 2ssp

Grand Foyer

     The one item that seems to set off both this colonial dollhouse and the Victorian dollhouse is the Grand Foyer
     These  centerpieces show the real craftsmanship that Jimmy Landers has put into each house. He pays particular detail to make sure his houses are true reproductions of the type and period for which he has chosen.  This is most apparent in the construction of his Grand Foyers and sets off both his Colonial and his Victorian doll house.

Colonial 5ssp
Colonial 3ssp
Colonial 4ssp

The “Brandywine”

This Colonial Dollhouse was completed in December 2007

         Jimmy Landers retired as a regional manager for an international environmental Corporation several years ago. Upon retirement, he designed and contracted his new home in Southern Indiana.  He spent a lot of time in custom designing his stairway and entrance area and even more time to get the correct individuals to complete his pet project.  When it was all completed, he found he had more time on his hands than he could stand and started looking for a hobby.  On January 6th, 2006, Jimmy began construction of his Colonial Dollhouse.  Having grown up in an area where there where lots of fancy, fashionable colonial houses and having been raised in one himself, Jimmy has always loved the design of the colonial and considers it his favorite.  There was never a doubt that his first dollhouse would be a colonial in design.  Having known very little about the miniature world at the time, it took awhile to find what was available and where to purchase materials. This is partly why most of his house is totally custom constructed using very few pre constructed items. The fact that he never draws out any plans for his dollhouses is hard to believe but he manages to design and keep it all in his head.  He says most of the design work comes about at night while laying in bed. 

     This dollhouse measures 76 inches wide by 40 inches tall and 28 inches deep.  Jimmy uses 1/2 inch cabinet grade plywood for the basic construction of this colonial.  Interior woodwork is mostly basswood which is painted with 2 to 3 coats of paint.  The house is fully electrified.  All of the rooms are accessible from the back.   This Colonial was sold at the 2011 Chicago International miniature show.

                          Check out the slide show below.  There are lots of pictures showing the details of each room in this amazing house.

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Grand staircase7




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