The “Helmerich”

A Victorian Luxury Doll House with Style

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An unbelievable foyer sets the stage for this stunning Luxury dollhouse

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The “Helmerich” House

 Elaborate Luxury Dollhouse

        Take a look at this one of a kind custom house right on this page.  The listed price for this house is $64,900.00 and includes shipping within the continental U.S.  If you are interested or know of someone that would be interested in purchasing this unusually rare and exquisite Luxury dollhouse, please contact me to set up a personal showing and to be placed on a private mailing list for individual updates and progress of this unique offering
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     The Helmerich is 7 foot-5 inches of customized uniquely designed woodworking by Jimmy Landers of Huntingburg Indiana.  Mr. Landers has cut no corners in making this dollhouse.  It boasts 10 rooms with 2 and 1/2 baths.  Although he has no written plans and says he could never duplicate it, it is truly a one of a kind masterpiece.  There are eight custom designed coal burning and lighted fireplaces made by Sue Cook of England
(  Each fireplace has been installed with a marble or granite hearth.  There are nine leaded and stain glass panels personally created by Barbara Sabia ( of Florida.  Eight hand made chandeliers with hand blown custom globes made by Tim Kraft of Luminations by Mr. K of New Jersey (  Real marble is used in the master bath and real granite in the 2nd bathroom.  The foyer is hand laid cultured marble.  All wood is custom shaped cherry wood.  All of the doors are 8” tall and made up of 51 separate pieces with the door panels being made of birds eye maple.  There is a working concealed pocket door in the Library and an elaborate arched doorway into the master bath.  The hardwood floors are individually laid 1.16” x 1/2” random lengths of cherry with mahogany inlays.  Each floor has been individually sanded and sealed with at least three coats of polyurethane finish.  The kitchen has a pickled finish on western pine.  The roof has over 6,000 individual natural slate tiles with valleys and flashing lined with real lead.  All supplied by Richard Stacey of England (  The siding is 23 square feet of clapboard cut from western pine and applied over the stick framed walls.  The gutters and down spouts are recreations of the old cast iron gutters of the period.  The house is fully electrified with over 250 LED accent lights (LED strip Lights) in addition to the eight chandeliers, porch lights, hanging bare bulbs in the kitchen and bathroom light fixtures.  It is all hardwired using 24 gauge wire and runs off an 8 ohm 12 volt D.C. transformer.  The lights are controlled remotely using a 12 button remote control.  There are working base plugs in most rooms and every fireplace has illuminated coals.  There is even a working ceiling fan with lights in the Library (Working Ceiling Fan).  Although there is nothing to say this dollhouse is haunted--It is so real you can almost hear the families playing, living and taking a part in the day to day activities of their time.

Check out the slide shows below.  There are lots of pictures showing the construction and details that have gone into making this unbelievable creation and be sure to check out the videos at the bottom of the page.

Victorian front web

Front view of victorian dollhouse under construction (June 2010)

victorian 002w

Creative Reproductions 2 Scale at work helping to electrify the dollhouse (June 2010)

You Tube Video Shorts
of Victorian Dollhouse:

...Victorian after completion
...Victorian inside rooms from back
...Victorian dark with lights on

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