The Flatiron

Iron building 314
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Continuing his 1900 series Store Fronts
1920 Flatiron Building

Jimmy Landers has just introduced his new 1920 Flatiron Building.  Although it is a one of a kind creation from Jimmy’s wild imagination; it is based on the architectural design of a Flatiron building.  The most famous Flatiron building is the one in New York as pictured to the right.  Chicago has one too as well as the one shown at the right built in Denver.  It is called a Flatiron because it resembles the footprint shape of an old flatiron.  They usually were constructed to fit a triangular shaped corner lot. 

Jimmy continues in using real brick and sandstone block for the
fa-sod.   The first floor is a high-end Boutique with an Art-Deco decor.  The second floor is a loft area that might be a dance studio or maybe a Masonic Hall.  Although this store will not be fully decorated it will have some one-of-a-kind creations.  Scott Hughes has made the street lamps; Barbara Sabia has made the leaded glass for the front door and has designed the chandelere in the center of the boutique as well as the wall sconces.  All of the electrical is controlled by a 12 channel remote control installed by
Creative Reproductions 2 Scale.

4 gowns WITH WORDS

These custom dresses were designed and created by Alice Zinn.  You can see them in the four display windows of Jimmy’s project.

flatiron building

Famous Flatiron Building in New York City, NY


1906 Flatiron Building in Denver, Colorado

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